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Android monitoring apps can add a whole new dimension to contemporary parenting

Author – Angelica Andrew


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It’s been a tough time for parents. Nothing seems to work out for them, especially when their kids grow into teens. Parents have to confront many things while parenting— acidulous behaviour, ridiculing tone and anomalous activities. And what many families are not able to do is to keep a check on their kids’ outdoor activities. While parents can do actually participate in their kids’ digital lives by staying over their shoulders inside home, but they can’t do the same for their offline activities. They just can’t follow their kids to the places they go, nor can they spend their nights restlessly, waiting for their kids to get back to home. For someone like me, it was very difficult to deal with my throbbing heart and raspy breaths whenever my kid sneaked out at night. And that’s when I realised, there is something that needs to be done, before I die of amnesia or anxiety. My kids were everything to me and therefore, I looked for new ways to communicate and parent them.

With my initial study, I experienced epiphany—helicopter parenting is dreadful and has nothing to do with the contemporary parenting. Kids hate it when parents are always checking on their kids about what they eat, study, or where they go. Teens hate questioning and the more parents resort to stringency, the worse it gets. Other thing that I realised was that negative reinforcement is never going to work on your teens—it does work with the kids, but sooner you understand the difference between a kid and a teen, the easier would it get for you to parent your children.

With all that into consideration, I needed something that could inform me about my kids without asking them about it. Then I got to know about android monitoring apps, a genre of apps that are built exclusively for parental monitoring. I tried a few apps, but none of them just worked for me. Some of them were outrageously expensive, others were awfully designed with limited features. Eventually, I got my hands onto XNSPY, a parental control that was compatible with all Android devices. So I gave It a try and since then, parenting has been a lot easier for me. The app has a built-in GPS tracker that allowed me to monitor my kid’s real-time location without even having to ask him. That was not the only great part, the app also provided me location history logs, so that allowed for automatic tracking of the every location that he visited. There was also an option for geofencing that allowed for parents to set geographical boundaries around their kids’ GPS location so that they would be constrained to only those places that are authorised by their parents.

Apart from that, I was able to monitor my kid’s cell phone and online activity. that included everything—from phone calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries, contacts to Instant Messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessage and a few others). There was also a remote control feature that allowed me to lock my monitored devices (which I never tried though!)

I was able to do all that with a very little price tag of just $8.33/month. My kid knows that he is monitored but he definitely feels better this way i.e. with intrusion-free monitoring. Android monitoring appsare one way to deal with the contemporary parenting problems, parents should really give it a try.