A cooling pad or notebook cooler is a Something which can reduce the laptops overall heat-dissipated by laptop fans. if you are planning to buy a decent cooling pad then you are at the right place, cooling  pads will also help to work on a laptop while it’s on your legs

Laptop Cooling pads

You might have heard of Thermal throttling. Have you? Well, let me explain. Thermal throttling refers to the part where your system automatically reduces performance when the system is heated too much. This is done, to prevent your Laptop from getting fried. This doesn’t occur on PCs, as they have well-ventilated cabinets. Whereas, in Laptops, the small compact feature provides portability, but negatively impacts proper ventilation. Due to this, even high-end laptops, often tend to slow down when heavy gaming or processing is done on them. To rescue from this, up to some extent, we can use cooling pads

Does it work?

Yes, but up to some extent. Cooling pads provide relief from the heat, substantially, not wholly or in full measure. Laptop cooling pads do offer some degrees of cooling. Both externally and internally temperature values did drop a few degrees. In simple words, more the number of fans, more will be the cooling.

Laptop Cooling pads

Who needs it?

To be honest, there is not a significant change in performance. Tests show that the maximum improvement in day to day work was only 2 % and in gaming, well it increased a few frames per second. Cooling pads won’t enable your laptop to magically run any game, slight improvement can be expected.

Cooling pads can make a difference in your gaming laptop, though that depends on just how much your laptop heats up and what kind of cooling pad you get. It really depends.

Is it a total waste?

Total waste? No. Well, we also can’t deny the fact that for a 2% improvement, extra power is also being sucked by this accessory.

It will be most helpful to those, who have a very old laptop with continuous thermal issues. This is a temporary but kinda effective solution for those old machines.

Alternative steps

The best alternative would be to get a new laptop, if possible, with a heat sink feature. This significantly dissipates heat from the body of the system and improves performance.

 Steps to get over Thermal Throttling

  1. Don’t place your laptop on your lap.
  2. Provide proper ventilation of air in and out.
  3. If present, underclock your processors when possible.
  4. Give your machine some rest, don’t fry it.

Thank you for reading our article on Best cooling pads. We will be back with another article soon on all the features of best Cooling Pads.

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