Hey everyone, Today I am going o share you proper method to change the google home mini language. Google home mini talks in many different languages you can change it to any of it. Google started supporting many differents local language of India and any other countries. So you can make use of it to.

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I am using google products since I got a mobile in my hand. I am using google.com which is a huge search engine on the Internet since the first browser in my java mobile. Google introduced its Home Mini before 2018. Google continuously trying to improve its voice search feature.

When it comes to voice search, then How we can forget Google Home Mini. Google home mini & Alexa are most famous physical devices which is used by the broad audience of google.

If you are a geek like me, then you must have noticed that google only talks in English when It starts. But wait! You can change this too. Google has given an option to change the Home Mini language.

What is Google Home Mini?

Google home mini is google’s smart voice speaker. It get connected with your internet and gives you information through voice. You can ask any question to google home mini. It can also play songs. It also tells you the weather of your current city which you set on google account email id. But you can ask different also.

It can be used to play music, control smart home gadgets, answer trivia questions, add things to a shopping list, create calendar appointments, or play video on a Chromecast-enabled screen

Steps for Changing Voice Language of Home Mini?

As I already told. I will explain steps by steps guide on changing home Mini voice then trust me you will not face any single step skipped or not explained to you. You have to read my full guide on it.

Step 1

Then the very first step you have to do is take your smartphone and open the Google Home app.

Step 2

After Doing first step you will find new option then at the top right, tap your account then go to  Assistant settings.

Step 3

Then Click on the Assistant then go to Languages.

Step 4

Last step you have to do is tap your current language to choose a new language.

So these are the steps which you can follow to change your google home mini language. You don’t have to skip a single steps otherwise your google home mini language will not change.

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Last but not least. Google Home mini is a good device, You can purchase it also as good price. Google keeps offering it in less privce

You may have got your problem solved then thanks me in comments. If you have faced any issue while doing this then let me know in comments.

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