Hey Guys, Today I am going to tell you how you can make you twitter account private. I am using this trick to make my twitter account private. As I trust Privacy is the first thing when it comes to Internet. Some People don’t want to their personal Info to be on Public so that why they need to get their every social media account private.

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As we all know. Twitter is the most used social media platform where people can express themselves with twit. You can get connected with almost every person around the world. You can ask and raise your voice. We need to learn how to use twitter so that we don’t get affected by it.

You can use this trick to make your twitter account private. As it is not any rocket science to make your account private but I think many people get confused with it.

Step to Make Your Twitter Account Private:

  • Go to your profile in the account
  • After going to profile > go to privacy & safety
  • In the privacy section you will find, twit Privacy
  • Tick it & then click on save changes.

This is the simple steps by which you can make your twitter account private. I use same things for my accounts as well. If you are facing any issue with making your twitter account private let me know in the comments.

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As last, Privacy matters alot, Your simple info have more value than anything. Your data are collected and sold. So you need to focus on privacy. There is no limit of anything. Be secure how much you can. I usually have my website social media account public because a large number of audience follow me for my blogs.

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