Hey Everyone, Today I am going to tell you that you can use WhatsApp in a good manner in your daily life. Whatsapp is the most used messenger app that is used by nearly 100 Million User. I am also a Whatsapp user & using it for many years. It’s going to 5-6 years when I started Using Whatsapp Apps.

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Whatsapp is an app which let you connect with your family and friends with few clicks. You can send a message right away when you want too. I am so addicted to Whatsapp and other messaging apps. I would like to explain to you its benefits and how you can use it in a good manner as well.

Tips to Use Whatsapp in Good Ways:

You can read below how you can use WhatsApp in a few interesting and good way. I have listed below the most important tricks that may be interesting for you.

1: Use Emoji

When you use WhatsApp or any other messenger apps, try using emoji after the typed text. It let you tell your emotions to the next person you are chatting to or talking to. It makes your conversation more interesting and Important. A person may not feel boring if you use emoji just after the text.

2. Use Little Funny Words

While talking to your friends try using different funny words. By doing this you are making other people laugh and this make another person keep talking to you. Don’t ever say any funny words if you are not in a good position to say that. This might sound a little awkward to the next person. It may ruin your relation as well.

3. Using Proper Sticker.

I personally use so much of sticker while conversation. We know that it is so special features of WhatsApp, which WhatsApp have given you in 2019. As Whatsapp does provide little sticker in default. But you can download more interesting sticker from the play store. There are plenty of apps in play store which offers you stickers and they are most interesting that whatsapp default stickers.

4. Use Bold & Italic Text

I call it highlighting new text that sounds so important and useful. Don’t unnecessarily use bold and Italic as I told it is just for the marking up the important text, not every text. I use when I am saying important words to somebody. It allows others to understand what I am saying to him/her.

5. Use Little Paragraphs for typing long conversations.

I am using paragraphs a lot, as I am a blogger. So I know how to write blogs properly. I try learning more while typing in a different social media platform. When it comes to Whatsapp and telegram, I type my long 300 Words conversation in one message but divide my conversation into different plenty of paragraphs.

When I am doing this, Next person does not face any problem while reading my long boring text message. You too can use it and make your relation more strong with the next person. You can use this with any persons. There is no limit to it.

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So this was all about How you can talk more interesting way in WhatsApp and different social media platform. I hope you have understood What I said above. I know that if you liked it you will surely share it with your family and friends.

Keep learning & Keep sharing!

Let me know if you want to ask anything in the comments.


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